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Updating Your Company Benefits Plan

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Health insurance for small businesses

98% of Canadian companies fit into the small business demographic with 2-100 employees, but they represent different opinions in terms of employee benefits and services. More than 90% of Canadians prefer their state sponsored healthcare over a U.S. style system, but there are complexities to supplements that may be better understood with the assistance of employee benefit management services. While it helps that the provincially managed Medicare system is cost effective and simple to maintain, the addition of supplementary benefits fall to a company implementing employee benefit solutions.

As you look at employee benefit management services, it is essential to ha

Tips to Help You Get the Best Possible Insurance Policy

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How to find life insurance

Did you know that about 16 percent of drivers in the United States are currently driving without health insurance? Interestingly enough, it is actually illegal to drive without car insurance in the United States. Therefore, when you are in need of an auto insurance policy, your best bet would be to get in touch with a good insurance agent.

An insurance agent will be able to hook you up with the most suitable policy to fit your financial situation and provide coverage for whatever you need covered. Importantly, choosing car insurance can sometimes be a challenge because there are so many policies out there, but a good insurance agent can help you compare car insurance quotes to find the one that works for you.

According to LIMRA research, about 85 percent of consumers believe that most people nee

What to Expect From a Canadian Employee Benefit Plan

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Small business health coverage

If you are searching for an employee benefit plan in Canada for your small or midsize business’s healthcare needs, you can spend a lot of time looking. Small businesses often provide health plans for their employees, and the best benefit plans will be the easiest and most cost-effective to implement. Here are some criteria that might help you narrow down which employee health benefits and services might be best for your company.

To begin with, why does your small to midsize business need an effective health plan for your employees? It all begins with a piece of Canadian legislation from 1984 called the Canadian Health Act. The CHA specifies the conditions by which health insurance programs in all provinces and terr