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Why Should You Offer Group Health Insurance To Your Employees?

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Group health insurance is a cost-effective option for both employers and employees. One of the best ways to attract and keep the talent that you need for your business is by offering group health insurance Sioux Falls SD other employers are offering.


The market is highly competitive when it comes to attracting the best talent in any industry. The “benefits” are often the strongest selling point for candidates. It can be the factor that sways employees to come on board in the first place and stick around for a while.


It is a Win-Win Situation


Offering group health insurance to your employee is one of the highest-rated employee benefits that you can offer. Securing health insurance is a priority for most people. An employer that offers health insurance is viewed as an employer that cares about their employee’s well-being.


Of course, the benefits go both ways. Having a workforce that has the option to get medical care when they need it and to take part in preventive health programs through their health insurance benefits the employer.


Affordable group insurance can help employers to quell one of the top three worries business owners report. According to a recent survey business owners worry the most about the economy, health insurance expenses and worries about consumer spending. With the right plan, you can at least put one of the worries to rest.


Employer Benefits of Offering Employer Health Insurance


Besides fostering a sense of loyalty among employees and attracting the highly qualified talent that you want as a part of your workforce there are other benefits including:

  • More productivity
  • Lower turn over rate
  • Less sick time off

When people feel like they are appreciated and they are getting added value benefits from the workplace, they work harder. They are happier to do the job that is assigned because they consider health insurance benefits a very important benefit and will do what it takes to ensure they can perform to keep their position.



Employees Leave Less


Employees that are happy are more loyal. A fair salary is important but many times the benefits are what keep people at their job. Lower turn over rate means less training dollars wasted.


Healthy Workforce


Having group health insurance can means a healthier workforce which of course means less time off for sick days. Learn more about all the benefits a group plan has to offer and employer resources from a trusted health insurance company in SD.

3 Main Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance

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Life is sometimes unpredictable. Fortunately, insurance helps people prepare for whatever difficulties lie ahead. As you get older, it’s important to think about long term care. You don’t want to wait until certain conditions set in before trying to obtain long term care insurance. In this post, you’ll learn about the benefits of long term care protection.

Understanding Long Term Care Protection

You might be wondering who long term care is intended for. Long term care is for those who are unable to properly care for themselves. This type of care typically includes help with daily activities as well as medical treatment. It’s important to note that long term care protection is not typically available from employer based insurance. In addition, it’s often difficult to receive adequate long term care insurance from a Medicare provider.

Benefits of Having Long Term Care Insurance

It’s understandable to wonder how you can benefit from receiving long term care. Yo

Group Health Insurance, Providers, and Everything In Between

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Dental insurance plans

The health insurance is absolutely vital to some Americans lives in the United States. This comes by way of either an emergency situation in which someone’s health is in danger or a disease that requires constant care. Either way, there is great importance that can be found in the work of a group health insurance provider.

Long-term disability insurance can really help people out when it comes to dealing with a disability. This disability can come from a disease that has no real cause and comes randomly or, as previously mentioned, a potential emergency situation. This is why the role of a group health insurance provider is so important.

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Do You Have Enough Insurance to Protect the Things That You Own?

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Insurance quote

As you get ready to prepare the papers that you need for filing this year’s income taxes, it is that time when it is easier to take stock of what you have. Making sure that you are able to protect the assets that you have is often a matter of having the right insurance policies. From condo insurance to motorhome insurance to different types of car insurance, it is important to make sure that you are fully covered in the event of a fire, theft, or other kind of disaster. And while purchasing a policy can often seem like a lot of expense up front, it is important to know that the investment that you make in these policie

How To Talk With Your Partner About Life Insurance

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short term care insuranceOver the course of your lifetime, you have had plenty of important conversations with your spouse or partner. While some discussions are easier than others, conversations about life insurance can be uncomfortable. Much like conversations about short term care insurance, it is an essential conversation to have. To open up a conversation about life insurance with your partner, consider this simple guide. Once you open up the conversation about Medicare supplemental insurance, the rest will fall into place.

Starting The Conversation
While there might not be a perfect moment to discuss life insurance, it’s important to find an appropriate time. Often, this aligns with an important life event. The birth of a child, death of a loved one, purchase of a new house, or other large transition can be great times to sit your partner down for a conversation. Talking about it at home may also make the discussion more comfortable.

Making The Conversation Productive
Once you find the right time and place to bring up the conversation, the next step is to use strategies to make the conversation as substantial as possible.

  • Place your family at the center
    Frame the conversation around the well being and future of your family. About 83% of Americans ages 65 and older have grandchildren, and these family ties can change priorities. It may be effective to stress the unknown in this case, but be sure to emphasize the importance of financial security.
  • Have the numbers on hand
    Do research ahead of time and obtain some quotes from a life insurance company. Bring up how short term care insurance is not sufficient in many cases. Show these quotes and discuss how you can finance life insurance.
  • Guide the conversation to next steps
    As the conversation starts to wind down, don’t let it stop there. Discuss the benefits of hiring a professional to help you choose the best life insurance plan for you.

Taking Next Steps
To follow through on your conversation and secure life insurance, contact an insurance professional to assist in purchasing a plan. They can also help guide any more difficult conversations between you and your partner. Medicare supplemental insurance is key to your family’s financial future, so you are taking a responsible step by securing this now.

Source: Pew Research Center, “Family Support in Graying Societies”

Save Your Loved Ones An Extra Burden After Your Passing

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Medicare supplement insurance in tennessee

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult and trying for everyone, especially if they’ve been present for your whole life. Picking up the pieces while also trying to deal with the emotional pain can be trying, and stressful. Especially when you have to deal with the costs of death outside of emotions.

The average funeral can, typically, exceed $8,500 in costs and expenses. It can add to the burdens that a family is already enduring and make the experience of losing a loved one all the harder. And that’s why you should take it upon yourself to contact a final expense life insurance company.

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Life Insurance Policies Help You Protect Your Family

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Medicare mi

Life insurance costs can seem daunting at first, but when you understand the benefits that a policy can provide to your family, the costs are easier to understand. And while deciding to commit to life insurance costs can help you provide for your loved ones after you are gone, health insurance policies help you cover medical expenses while you are alive. Although not all individuals carry the insurance that they need to cover the expenses that you may have in life, an increasing number are seeing the benefits of planning ahead and preparing for the future.
For obvious reasons, life and health insurance costs are less expensive for policy holders who are younger and healthier. T

Planning for Retirement Medicare, Medigap, and Life Insurance

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Short term care in iowa

Are you planning to retire soon? According to a 2015 CareerBuilder report, 54% of workers aged 60 or above stated they planned to continue working after retiring from their current position. This was an increase of 45% from 2014.

In terms of how much these retirees are likely, or planning, to work, CareerBuilder provides the following details:

    Most likely work part-time: 81%
    Plan to continue working full-time: 19%

A 2014 Gallup poll showed that almost half of the Baby Boomer generation don’t think they will retire until they’re at least 66. This included one-in-ten Baby Boomers that don’t believe they will ever retire.

The reasons why these individuals will continue working either part or full-time do vary, of course. A 2015 Gallup poll reported

Updating Your Company Benefits Plan

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Health insurance for small businesses

98% of Canadian companies fit into the small business demographic with 2-100 employees, but they represent different opinions in terms of employee benefits and services. More than 90% of Canadians prefer their state sponsored healthcare over a U.S. style system, but there are complexities to supplements that may be better understood with the assistance of employee benefit management services. While it helps that the provincially managed Medicare system is cost effective and simple to maintain, the addition of supplementary benefits fall to a company implementing employee benefit solutions.

As you look at employee benefit management services, it is essential to ha

Tips to Help You Get the Best Possible Insurance Policy

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How to find life insurance

Did you know that about 16 percent of drivers in the United States are currently driving without health insurance? Interestingly enough, it is actually illegal to drive without car insurance in the United States. Therefore, when you are in need of an auto insurance policy, your best bet would be to get in touch with a good insurance agent.

An insurance agent will be able to hook you up with the most suitable policy to fit your financial situation and provide coverage for whatever you need covered. Importantly, choosing car insurance can sometimes be a challenge because there are so many policies out there, but a good insurance agent can help you compare car insurance quotes to find the one that works for you.

According to LIMRA research, about 85 percent of consumers believe that most people nee