Nationwide agent locator

There are many different types of insurance demands, and as many different kinds of insurance as there are, there are also many different insurance companies to supply that insurance. You’ve seen the commercials. The cute little gecko, the pig, the quintessential smooth talking African American, the middle aged Caucasian that just can’t seem to keep his van off of the top of light poles. But, how accessible are they really?

As far as websites, it is very important to have a website that people can access even after working hours. Can you navigate the Progressive home page without needing customer service to walk you through things step by step? Is the State Farm log in section easily visible when you load the page, or do you have to dig for it? Can you easily access a car free insurance online quote? A good indicator about how a company treats its customers is the website, and how comfortable you can be navigating it on your own.

However, as important as tech support, the location of the physical building nearest you, so that if you wanted you could walk into the place. Is it hard to find the nationwide insurance address, so that you could walk up to real life nationwide insurance agents whenever you want during regular working hours? Where is the state farm corporate office? Can you dial up a real person at the state farm corporate office and talk to them, or do you run around on automated line and eventually get disconnected after being on hold for an hour?