short term care insuranceOver the course of your lifetime, you have had plenty of important conversations with your spouse or partner. While some discussions are easier than others, conversations about life insurance can be uncomfortable. Much like conversations about short term care insurance, it is an essential conversation to have. To open up a conversation about life insurance with your partner, consider this simple guide. Once you open up the conversation about Medicare supplemental insurance, the rest will fall into place.

Starting The Conversation
While there might not be a perfect moment to discuss life insurance, it’s important to find an appropriate time. Often, this aligns with an important life event. The birth of a child, death of a loved one, purchase of a new house, or other large transition can be great times to sit your partner down for a conversation. Talking about it at home may also make the discussion more comfortable.

Making The Conversation Productive
Once you find the right time and place to bring up the conversation, the next step is to use strategies to make the conversation as substantial as possible.

  • Place your family at the center
    Frame the conversation around the well being and future of your family. About 83% of Americans ages 65 and older have grandchildren, and these family ties can change priorities. It may be effective to stress the unknown in this case, but be sure to emphasize the importance of financial security.
  • Have the numbers on hand
    Do research ahead of time and obtain some quotes from a life insurance company. Bring up how short term care insurance is not sufficient in many cases. Show these quotes and discuss how you can finance life insurance.
  • Guide the conversation to next steps
    As the conversation starts to wind down, don’t let it stop there. Discuss the benefits of hiring a professional to help you choose the best life insurance plan for you.

Taking Next Steps
To follow through on your conversation and secure life insurance, contact an insurance professional to assist in purchasing a plan. They can also help guide any more difficult conversations between you and your partner. Medicare supplemental insurance is key to your family’s financial future, so you are taking a responsible step by securing this now.

Source: Pew Research Center, “Family Support in Graying Societies”