Group health insurance is a cost-effective option for both employers and employees. One of the best ways to attract and keep the talent that you need for your business is by offering group health insurance Sioux Falls SD other employers are offering.


The market is highly competitive when it comes to attracting the best talent in any industry. The “benefits” are often the strongest selling point for candidates. It can be the factor that sways employees to come on board in the first place and stick around for a while.


It is a Win-Win Situation


Offering group health insurance to your employee is one of the highest-rated employee benefits that you can offer. Securing health insurance is a priority for most people. An employer that offers health insurance is viewed as an employer that cares about their employee’s well-being.


Of course, the benefits go both ways. Having a workforce that has the option to get medical care when they need it and to take part in preventive health programs through their health insurance benefits the employer.


Affordable group insurance can help employers to quell one of the top three worries business owners report. According to a recent survey business owners worry the most about the economy, health insurance expenses and worries about consumer spending. With the right plan, you can at least put one of the worries to rest.


Employer Benefits of Offering Employer Health Insurance


Besides fostering a sense of loyalty among employees and attracting the highly qualified talent that you want as a part of your workforce there are other benefits including:

  • More productivity
  • Lower turn over rate
  • Less sick time off

When people feel like they are appreciated and they are getting added value benefits from the workplace, they work harder. They are happier to do the job that is assigned because they consider health insurance benefits a very important benefit and will do what it takes to ensure they can perform to keep their position.



Employees Leave Less


Employees that are happy are more loyal. A fair salary is important but many times the benefits are what keep people at their job. Lower turn over rate means less training dollars wasted.


Healthy Workforce


Having group health insurance can means a healthier workforce which of course means less time off for sick days. Learn more about all the benefits a group plan has to offer and employer resources from a trusted health insurance company in SD.